We provide complete professional solutions to our clients for their fiscal management demands adapted to their country of residency. Valor Finance ltd. offers solutions – in absolute privacy – to complex problems, which give way to important patrimonial solutions for our clients and their families.

CONFIDENTIALITY & TRANSPARENCY Our clients can also benefit from the support and assistance of Valor Finance ltd.’s legal, banking and financial teams, composed of professional experts in the field, whose strict Anglo-Saxon applied rules ensure rigorous Asset Management in total confidentiality and complete transparency for them.

MADE TO MEASURE OFFERS Valor Finance ltd.. proposes personalized solu-tions for its clients, adapted to the present economic situation and climate, in the financial, legislative and fiscal domains. Therefore Valor Finance ltd. offers its expertise to assist our clients’ companies and their portfolio in their development, inter-family capital transfers or sales.



We combine over 30 years of leadership expertise and financial acumen to create and manage innovative asset selection. We adhere to highiest risk profiling, to shield clients capital from volatility and risk and drive yield from all of our projects through all economic conditions. We leverage both our teams’ expertise and commercial judgement to produce forward thinking ideas to secure both income and capital growth.



At Valor Finance ltd., everything we do is based around income stability and capital security, which underpins all of our asset selection criteria and investment rationale. We believe in adding value to under-performing assets and through unrelenting due diligence, we select and restructure asset backed business based around Hospitality, Logistics, Real Estate and Technology.

Our “green” funding of projects (Green Bonds and Green Letter Of Crédit) intended to encourage sustainability and to support all types of special environmental projects. More specifically, We are funding projects aimed at energy efficiency, pollution prevention, sustainable agriculture, fishery and forestry, the protection of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, clean transportation, clean water, and sustainable water management. We also finance the cultivation of environmentally friendly technologies. We are verified by a trusted third party, the Green Business Bureau, which certifies that our Green Letter of Credit provided, will fund projects that include real benefits to the environment



Private equity is a trillion-dollar industry, typically available to high net worth individuals and institutions. Educating clients is at the core of what we do and is essential to our clients’ understanding. At Valor Finance ltd., we are also actively introducing private equity to private clients and providing education on an asset class and industry that has typically not been available to them.



Transparency is a fundamental pillar for our clients. We demand strong corporate governance and strict compliance across all facets of our business. We release details of projects where possible, so that our clients can understand how we generate yield for all of our divisions. Our financial gains are clearly defined as a commitment to operational transparency. We understand that interactions between our team and all of our clients is of vital importance.



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Who Are We?

With 30 years of experience, Valor Finance Group of Companies accompanies its clients in their confidential and Private Asset Management with its renowned Anglo-Saxon discipline, and offers its legal, banking and world financial markets skills and network, for a global management service that is direct, and totally transparent for our clients.

Our areas of investment cover a wide range of sectors: industrial, high tech, new companies with a registered copyright, as well as financial structures managing long-established and reputable client’s funds