About Us

This activity of Clients’ Assets Management, via the Valor Finance ltd. Group’s Family Offices network worldwide, provides complete professional solutions and meets the fiscal demands adapted to the client’s country of residence.

The transmission of our clients’ resources is vital and indispensable. Due to our worldwide presence, we provide a “customized” solution for each situation, perfectly adapted to our clients’ desires. The management of our clients’ assets involves putting at their disposal the entire spectrum necessary for their protection and transmission without disrupting any asset the client has built up or acquired during his professional career or personal life. Our professional relationship will develop according to the changes made in our clients’ life and in their ambitions that traditionally arises with these types of assets.

Our priority is to manage and to control the use of patrimonial assets transmission in a flexible, quiet and totally transparent way. Therefore, we bring to our clients, innovative, sophisticated and straight-forward solutions, adapted to their needs and wishes.

The Financial Institution Valor Finance ltd. is well known for its accuracy and professionalism and offers its skills and experience in the financial world through rigorous global management and total transparency for our clients. Our shareholding projects and accompanying financial assistance (Private Wealth & Asset Management) are spread over a diverse range of business sectors such as industry, high tech and new trademarks within which we create tailored financial strategies for the specific demands and requirements of our clients.

In 2022, with a hectic and deeply troubled world, we believe more than ever in our ability to share and develop our values with our clients and partners, through our subsidiaries and offices around the world.

To receive access our CIS, please send your request via email to info@valor-finance.com

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