Valor Finance ltd.’s patrimonial management benefits from its tailor-made financial structure, which has been shaped to best meet and manage our clients’ requirements.

The tailor-made financial structure allows clients to acquire all types of real estate, cultural portfolio, industrial, corporate, or collection assets of interest to them world-wide.

Valor Finance ltd. proposes ideal solutions adapted to each client’s profile and personality, while also considering the current economic situation and the client’s legal and fiscal residency, fully respecting his patrimonial and financial strategy.

Our clients’ companies are part of their patrimonial portfolio, therefore Valor Finance ltd.. assists its clients in a  number of ways, from financial strategy and planning, inter-family transfers, purchase or sale of domestically or internationally based real estate, to family relocations in Europe or worldwide, company acquisition, deposits and  investments.

Valor Finance ltd. enables its clients to fully enjoy the  advantages of their acquisitions (boats, airplanes, art works, real estate and more), without worrying about management, or any other technical or fiscal issue that traditionally arises with these type of assets.


Our priority is to manage and to control the use of patrimonial assets transmission in a flexible, quiet and totally transparent way. Therefore, we bring to you innovative, sophisticated and straightforward solutions, adapted to your needs and wishes.

The transmission of your resources is vital. Due to our worldwide presence, we provide a “customized” solution for each situation, perfectly adapted to your desires.

The management of your assets involves putting at your disposal the entire legal and fiscal spectrum necessary for its protection and transmission without disrupting any as-set you have built up or acquired during your professional career or personal life.

Our professional relationship will develop according to the changes made in your life and in your ambitions that traditionally arises with those type of assets.

For Valor Finance, patrimonial assets are an essential part of your life and
should not be considered as non-profitable and taxable assets used for nonspecific purposes. We, Valor Finance, are protecting and taking care of those Assets worldwide.